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ddr2 pc6400 nm


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hellow i ve just bought ddr2 sodimm pc6400, sorry if my english is bad, vs2gsd800d2 g


my question


1. how this ram proccesing die size (nm) ,65 nm / 45 nm.?


(so far i know new samsung ram is making 45 nm , i think its colder stuff)


2. i have 2 slot, so far i know this asus x51rl can not have more high than 2 gig


any body know which one slot should i install it? slot 1 or slot 2 or free to chose?


3. i try to match with nanya 1 gig comes from lapies but this corsair doesnt want be match, so i decided throw out nanya 1 gig.


4. some ppl said value are bad is that true or false?


5. is this ram has a good refresh rate, i mean before use this, my nanya and mushkin mac sodimm can make refresh pull out back memory alocating back to big (sound like a magic to me :D)


thnx u


PS: my browser are very hard to enter http://www.corsair.com


i use several static DNS but still not opened

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i mean , i see ic list some of them comes from micron etc


my chip is elc0701122 , i have no idea which chip is that


but im surprised , 1stime i bought it i check with mem tes, show about 800 mb/s


3 day later when i trying to burntest, it show 900mb/s


look amazing to me , bout 1 party/2party/3party well yeah when a 3dcompany order an ic chip from 1 company then put his label on ic chip .


that it will be great heard that corsair manufacture own chip too if it so



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