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Force 3 120 GB issue question

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Hello everyone! I have just as many others bought a Force 3 120GB, in my case a model with the serial number 1124, which my retailer explicitly said would not have the previous issues with BSOD and lock-ups. Now here I am unable to use my ssd with SATA III because of exactly those things, BSODs and lock-ups.


My question is, if someone actually are not seeing issues with their drive as Yellowbeard stated here, could these people say exactly what they did to make the drive work with SATA III? I have tried both replacing my SATA-cable to a short one and upping my PCH-voltage to 1.15, none of these have worked. At the moment im running it on SATA II, which is working fine.


Keep in mind tha a lot of people are NOT seeing issues. I have been thru 5 P67 boards and a few X58 boards and I cannot reproduce the current issues other than to find a few bad cables.


Motherboard: P8P67 PRO B3

Running on chipset SATA-ports, not marvell ones (couldn't even boot windows with those)

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