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Corsair Voyager Mini 32 GB Shows As Removable Disk In Computer


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Corsair Voyager Mini 32GB shows up in Computer/My Computer as "Removable Disk" (it has a drive letter). This happens on any computer I have connected it to; Windows XP 32 bit, Windows 7 32 bit, Windows 7 64 bit, it does not show up on Mac or Linux Ubuntu. The drive cannot be accessed, cannot be formatted, cannot use chkdsk on drive, cannot use third party format utilities. All result in saying cannot access the drive. Drive is less than 1 month old, and was working when I first got it. The drive letter can be changed in Disk Management and that is the most that can be done. The device shows up in Device Manager as "XXXXXXXX U167CONTROLLER USB Device" under Disk drives, all other USB flash drives I have show up as their correct manufacturer/model. This is the same across all tested machines/platforms.


This device has been purchased for testing for a Higher Education Enterprise that is looking at purchasing thousands of these for new students every year. So far reliability is LOW, however, we are not swayed away from Corsair products as they have maintained reliability and quality in the past. This faulty product does need to be replaced though. Please advice ASAP.

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I had the same issue with my Voyager mini 32 GB usb chip. I just received a replacement one from Corsair and it does not work either.


What do I do now? Do I get another RMA and send this one back too? Is there software I have to install on my Mac to make this Corsair Vayager mini 32 gb work?


My order number was 2396631. The old RMA was

RMA number: 2396631

Corsair Product: CMFUSBMINI-32GB


Thank you.

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