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Force 80GB not recognized by BIOS


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I bought two Corsair Force 80GB SSD's, placed them in an old Shuttle SB62G2 barebones system, and connected via the SATA cables. The BIOS does not recognize the drives. Otherwise, the boot sequence appears normal.


Previously I put a pair of WB 1TB drives in this machine, and did not recognize them either. When I put the 1TB drives in another machine, I had to set the partitions for them to be recognized. I did not put them back in the SB62G2 because of other information that indicated the partition size would not be recognized.


I was hoping the 80GB SSD's would work out of the box, as the SB62G2 has run flawlessly for years with a pair Seagate Barracude 80GB drives. That may irrelevant if the machine is hosed.


I haven't considered RMA as it doesn't seem likely that two drives in the same order would be defective.


I read through the startup/hibernate work around, but the BIOS, Award v6, doesn't have an option called "quick boot".


Do I need to set the partition on the new SSD? If so, what utility will do that?


If not, am I safe to assume a plug and play out of box experience with these SSD's?



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I found the answer thanks to a kind person at the Sudian forum for Shuttle Barebones systems. In short, the motherboard is too old to support the SSD and large capacity drives. I am going to set it aside for now, and buy a current kit for the project (and the SSD's).
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