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How to get your Force 3 120 to work on Asus G73


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Hi guys, I'll post how I got the force 3 120gb to work.


First Problem (BIOS does not recognize the SSD):


- If you put your SSD on the right bay, change it to the left bay.


Second Problem (Windows sometimes does not initialize):


- First, download and burn the Parted Magic.

- Go to the BIOS, and set your SATA Configurations to IDE (This is to change your frozen state).

- If you have another HDD, change the primary boot to it.

- Boot the Parted Magic and perform a Secure Erase.

- Change your SSD to primary boot again.

- Install normally your windows.

- ATTENTION: This, I think is the key. The Intel Rapid Storage Technology is not compatible with the SSD. DON'T INSTALL IT.


I realized that after I install the IRST, the Windows stoped to boot sometimes. I performed the test two times.


So, I put no SATA Driver and my Force 3 is running on a incredible speed, I didn't perform a writing and reading test yet, but the windows experience is 7.7


I hope it to help you guys.



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Thanks a lot of posting this info up, I own a G73S-XN2 and just got the Force GT 120gb model today. A few frustrating hours later it's running fine.

When I first got the laptop the original HDD was partitioned into an OS (C:) and DATA (D:) I wanted to just move the OS partition (which was conveniently sized at 120gb) to the SSD without cloning the entire image (which couldn't fit anyway)

After toying around with Acronis True Image I got it to work by booting in the program via USB then backing up the OS partition then restoring it onto the SSD. Following that I removed the HDD after shutdown and booted up using only the SSD attached. After drivers were installed I then switched the position of the SSD and HDD around as you have mentioned and now its up and running fine.

I went from peak speeds on ATTO of 90MB/s (HDD) to 500MB/s (SSD).

Boot up time is still about the same at around the 30 second mark but programs now open up in a blink of an eye!

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Nice post :)


also own a Asus G73SW with installed Corsair Force GT 240GB...FW 1.3


here is what ive done so far...


Installed my SSD in the Disk 0 and XT on Disk 1. F2 Checked the bios to AHCI save and exit. Clean install w7 Home Premium and update all drivers avoid unnecessary plug in and download the updated RST on the Intel website.


So far so Good...


and also done few test... as much as possible only once, I use ATTO and AS SSD to check Speed in Read/Write...


Running Test many times over will affect read/write and will log as stress to ssd. you can check it using SSDlife to see how much is done (Read/Write) to the ssd.


just sharing some info...


anyway braytk - about the index? is it only for the ssd? or the whole base windows experience index?


my whole base experience index score is 7.1 coz of the GPU... while the primary disk windows exp index is 7.9

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