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AX1200 Annoying Whine


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I have a problem with the AX1200 PSU. When it is under load it emits this high pitch whine. I have listened to the coil whine in youtube videos, but this is different. In those youtube videos, the coil whine sounded like something is also vibrating. In my case, the PSU emits this high pitch noise when it is under load. It will come and go even when the load is the same (meaning I run one high load process for days, and the high pitch whine will come for a few hours, then no whine for a few minutes, then more high pitch whine for the rest of the day, and it keeps doing that).


I'm not sure whether it is the PSU fan, or some other material from the PSU (like capacitor, etc.). I have ruled out other fan in the computer by taking off each fan connector (one at a time of course) (including the CPU fan).


This whine is loud enough that other people in my office is annoyed by it (coworkers in about half-basketball court sized-room). The fan is loud too but it is not a problem, instead, this high pitch whine is (1) as loud or a tad louder than the fan (2) annoying because it is high pitch.


I'm leaning towards RMAing this PSU. But, if it's something that will need RMA, I am wondering whether Corsair will do advance RMA. The reason I'm asking is I'm running this in my office for my workstation, and I do not want to lose productivity time because of the RMA.


Any info on both the problem and the RMA is appreciated.

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Thank you Wired for pointing me to the warranty page.


But on the RMA form, where do I put the credit card number, and choose to do advance RMA? There is no such place to do so.


I went ahead and filled up the form, and all I got was a regular RMA from the customer service. I need advanced RMA.

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