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I can not complete the online RMA process

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I can not complete the online RMA process. I have a dual channel kit that 1 stick of RAM has gone bad & will not allow the computer to boot. Removing that one stick allows the computer to boot. The remaining stick works fine in either slot. Installing the suspected bad stick in either slot, with or without the good stick, will not allow the computer to boot.


The online RMA process requires that I run Memtest & give the results. I cant run Memtest with the bad RAM because the computer will not boot. There is no option to check if the computer won't boot. How do I get past this? Do I lie & say that one stick failed Memtest? I would like to talk to a real person about this. but every link just takes me back to the RMA form.


This memory is in a customers custom built machine that I built about 18 months ago. He came back from vacation on Tuesday & it was DOA.


Help - Thanks - tsz

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OK - Thanks


Look kids - Now I have to tell another lie to get what I want, because telling the truth will get me nowhere. Life lesson learned.


Insert: A lot of angst about how a real person on the phone would of been so much faster & easier. Also... 3 Corsair rebates, in the last year that arrived weeks after the checks expired. How does that help me? Corsair, used to be my first choice, now, not my favorite memory or power supply company.


Growing more & more unhappy with every Corsair product that comes back to haunt me. Your customer service leaves a lot to be desired. TSZ

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