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Corrupted Directory Entries on my USB memory


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Bottom line on top:

I'm looking for a simple, safe method to reformat a USB flash drive to NTFS?


Now, the rest of the story:




I just discovered and joined this forum, prompted by what appears to be a common problem: My Flash Voyager 8GB USB drive (from ~Jan 2009),me which has served well for 2-1/2 years, has gone on the fritz; my directory names and file types look like the attachment when I open it. (Why can't I insert an image? I don't have it in a web site? :(: )


Fortunately, I backed up 2 days ago and have only one more recent resume and a spreadsheet. And, happily, a search for these was able to find them - despite the name corruption - and copy them to my backup hard drive. (Role reversal here? :bigeyes: )


This appeas to be the symptom described by YellowBeard's sticky post. But that solution is SOOOO complicated! I had less work repairing my boot partition!


if there is a way to rescue my Flash Voyager in place, that would be ideal; I'm all ears (or eyes, in this case. ::pirate:: ) But I see an opportunity to do what I have been to chicken to do before: Reformat it as an NTFS drive. Maybe even a compressed drive, to squeeze more mileage out of it. (I gotta find out first if Ubuntu would read a compressed drive transparently.)


I have been reading posts where people are describing their hardships reformatting their USB drives. Is there, by now, a simple solution to get this done, without damaging the software that comes on the drive? And how important is that stuff anyway?


Thanks much!


-- Rasutin Paskudniak (Witty sign-off pending. ;-)


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This is amazing and distressing. (I've lost half the hair from my picture! ;): )


In the week since I posted this, 68 views, not one reply? Oy!


At this point it looks as if I have nothing to lose by formatting my corsair drive as NTFS. It's not as though I can take a normal walk down the directory path.


I'll let y'all know the results.


Rasputin Paskudniak

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