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No change in my RMA

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On the 27'th of June, I shiped my broken USB 32 GB Flash Voyager to the Netherlands, as instructed in the RMA. In the Track & Trace, I can see, that the USB stick was delivered on the 30'th of June. But since then, nothing has changed in my RMA status.


I haved already sent a mail with this information to RMAService@corsairmemory.com but nothing in reply.


T&T no: RR088605327DK

RMA status: http://www.corsair.com/support/rma_status/2103708/d9ff026564b84763843bb188c


What should I do?


Best regards

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My case no. is: 2103708


However I just got an answer from technical service, that says:

"Unfortunately we are unable to accept your return as the product(s) returned to Corsair are not valid under the Corsair Warranty Policy. http://www.corsair.com/warranty/default.aspx .


Reason for Refusal: Part received is damaged." :bigeyes:


I have no idea, what they mean about damaged, which I have reply. It's not like I have used a hammer on it :confused:

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