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Nova Series II questions


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I was one of the people who purchased a Force 3 drive (1124 batch), but after a week of frustration I have returned it for a refund. I only needed it to work at SATA II speeds, but it could not even do this reliably (periodically went missing in both Windows and BIOS). Nevertheless, I still want to get a solid state drive with a capacity of at least 80 GB so that I have room for the applications I wish to install.


The drive I have had installed for over a year now is the Corsair X64 series. And it has been flawless in every possible respect - it has worked perfectly with excellent performance and given me no problems whatsoever. I had actually looked to see if I could have simply bought a second X64 drive to save money, however they are no longer available. That was when I decided to simply buy the Force 3 120GB model, knowing it would be backward compatible with my Intel SATA II ports.


I now notice that Corsair are bringing out the Nova series II SATA II drives - they are listed at most Australian dealer websites with stock arival imminent, however I can't find any technical information about this new series on the Corsair website.


I was initially interested in the Corsair Nova drives, as my understanding is that the first series used the same controller as that in my X64. That being the case, I was hoping I would get the same sort of performance, without the issues I have found with other brands of SSD (stuttering and pausing during games being the worst offenders - the X64 was, however, flawless in this particular respect).


Again, the Nova series I is unfortunately obsolete, and I am thus wondering whether the series II used the same controller as that on my X64? The other questions are: would the drive performance be at least as good as that of my old Corsair X64 (particularly as regards the absence of pausing and stuttering when playing games). And finally, is this drive going to be available is sizes larger than 60GB? (I can only see this size listed).

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the Corsair site seems to be a bit slow to update its products, maybe the webmaster is on vacation?


i cant find any specs or details on the CSSD-V60GB2 anywhere.


newegg has them for 99.00 so maybe a 120gb raid would be nice?

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