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Is AX750 Reliable


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I had the HX 750 PSU which was producing a high pitch whining noise that you can hear some times just almost out of your hearing range and i was hearing a sort of grinding noise from the fan.

Anyway i had it replaced with the AX 750 by the retailer which is supposed to be the top of the line. I haven't installed it yet, but from reading reviews it seems like the AX series has a higher failure rate than the HX series. I also read reviews of the AX series producing a similar high pitch electrical noise that i had with the HX. This has got me concerned, I thought the AX series were supposed to be premium grade, top of the top.


My pc case came with a 450 Watt bog standard psu which never gave me any noise problems at all what so ever besides the slight air noise from the fan.

Yet these premium grade psu's are producing all sorts of noise, why is this?

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You will need to use an out let that is properly grounded and yes there is more noise from higher wattage PSU's but it should not be so loud you can hear it over the normal fan noise in your system when its closed up.
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