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Corsair CSSD-F120GB2 Failing with BSOD ?

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Hello dear corsair users and staff

french guy here, i'm having issues with said drive :


Drive is still working as of today but it has the following symptoms :


The computer (running 7) works for 5 min of uptime and then disk i/o fails, system processes die, and i get a BSOD.

got the problem 2 days ago after 2 months of good functionning

My request is a way for me to either backup the data on the drive, or to get it back working


Sad thing is , how can we perform a firmware update if we risk having a BSOD in the process !

I'm looking for a firmware update solution that would not involve system failure risks

or is the update process quick enough that i could try it in the 5 min uptime i have ?


i cannot afford to loose my data :

if i have to i will go through 5 min copy-pasta to backup to another drive, but this looks like it will be insane

i'm really looking for another solution


by the way, i'm assuming the bluescreen problem is because of the hdd

based on the fact that computer runs perfectly for hours on a ubtuntu live cd which uses no disk access

and based on the symptoms of the crash which are similar to other descriptions on this forum

i really wish it was a virus of some sort

but no this is 2011, we have ***ushimas and failing ssd haha ;)


thanks for your concern,



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Backup your data or image that drive as soon as you can.


In order to pinpoint the source of the BSOD, when you get the BSOD please report the Bug Check Code or upload the small dump--256 KB (please, no full memory dumps). There's a list of Bug Check Codes here:



If using Windows 7, go to

Control Panel\System and Security\System

Advanced system settings

Startup and Recovery, Settings

Write debugging information, Small memory dump


Then go to %SystemRoot%\Minidump after the BSOD and grab the file.

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hi, thanks for answering


yeah i'm backing up !

5 min. mini-backups to another drive, i'm so afraid of killing the drive with all those reboots or making it more instable...


Minidump folder is empty btw, i get no memory dump files (i'm curious about this, i mean if drive fails how can the pc write debug data to it, maybe by keeping it in ram and writing at reboot, but hey, next reboot never happened, i have to shut down the whole thing totally to get the drive back )


turning off auto-reboot only got me these useless non-matching error codes :

0XC0000006 (0X75019c75 0x0187eb94)


I installed 7 to an old IDE drive, and there i just saw the ssd drive dissapear from the peripherals section 5 min later, it just vanished, with no bsod of course since the system runs on the ide drive :)


shame for corsair, they had such a strong reputation, i'm never buying stuff from them again !

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