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Corsair Force 3 240 GB Recognition Issues


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I purchased my new MacBook Pro last week and ordered a Force 3 240GB along with it. After much trial and error, I got Snow Leopard installed on the drive and my data transferred. However, during some shut downs, I get a kernel panic (which I'll attempt to post later). Additionally, when booting, the Apple logo is shown, then flashes between the no-file found (as if there was no drive present), the Apple logo, and the prohibitory sign. It does this for around 15 seconds and then stops and proceeds to boot. My SSD was secure erased (zeroed out) before installing SL. Any ideas on how to fix?


Specifications: 2.3 Ghz Core i7 15" MacBook Pro. 8GB PC3-10600 Corsair RAM


Thanks in advance,


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