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H60 Pump noise


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Greetings, I bought a Corsair H60 a couple days ago.

And I thought the pump sounded abit too much for my liking.

So I googled some "H60 pump noise / sound"


As someone on corsair forums stated

"i have this constant noise that sounds like something is chewing data on a old IDE drive ".


This seems to be the same "issue" I've got.


I tried this :: ""Try holding the radiator above the pump while its running and gently tap on the pump with your finger.

This may force air out of the pump which could be causing the noise.""


If I tilt my computer like 40° the noise stops, The pump is completely silent.

Atleast I can't hear it with my side panel open.

If the computer is standing straight up, I can hear it even with my sound damped side panel on.


Considering the tilt computer "fix", It must be that there is air pocket inside the h60 pump?

and when it gets tilted it moves away from the internal pump fan and stops bothering it?


The pump internal fan is hitting the sides inside of the pump and by tilting the computer it get's less option to move.


Most likely I thought it would be the air pocket issue,

but as I've been turning my whole computer upside down and on the front and w/e to try make the air go to the radiator.

Without success, the noise remains.

But the best way to do this is would be to remove the whole pump & rad shake it around abit to make sure all the air goes to the rad.

And as I've allready tried placing the rad over the pump w/o success, I guess I'll have to wait and see if the noise goes down.


One of the many reasons I chose this product was that it had thermal compund added to it, Since I don't like applying that stuff.

So I haven't been bothered with taking it off and shaking it around.


Some temps.


i7 2600k 3.4ghz (running at 3.8ghz using intel's turbo shizzle)

My temperatures are around 32-35c idle and they don't go above 60c at load

I replaced the fan that came with H60 with a Fractal design 1350rpm fan.

It's currently pushing air out from the case.


I removed my HDD rack for optimal airflow trough the case.


Here is a pic of it all.



Anyone else that can confirm that the pump is ment to be pretty much dead silent? I could send it back to the shop but im afraid they wouldn't replace it.

And just charge me for testing the product.

Ah well, I'll wait a week or so and see what happens. Unless you got any suggestions.

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Well people from corsair say it aint supposed to make that sound, other people say it is, where i bought mine the owner said his made a similiar sound, but ive also talked to people who own a H60 and theirs is silent, which it is supposed to be, it aint supposed to have that chewing on data sound, its annoying as hell, i am currently waiting for a replacement from that store where i live, they have ordered a new one home for me.


But the old phone i have seems to have gotten quieter with the days its been in the tower, but i could swear yesterday in the evening, its now 9:51 am for me, that it was chewing on data just as when i got it.


And at the moment it is still chewing on data i can hear, closed my window out to the street to listen to the tower, my advice, print out the page from where the Corsair representant wrote those advices with tapping on it and if it doesnt help, replace it.

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I've had 2 H60's, the first one never made an audible sound but the second one suddenly started making a constant noise tonight which stopped after changing the orientation and holding the tubes so that they go straight up from the pump (I didn't want to unmount anything either)


should get it replaced if you are unable to find a way to get the noise to stop but I would suggest getting it replaced via RMA with Corsair directly rather than trying to get the retailer to do this

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