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H60 Temps


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I am running a H60 on a Q9550 and i am getting a temp difference between the core 0 and the core 3 of 10(idle) - 25(load) degrees c, is this normal?


Core 0 55 c idle - 90 c load

Core 1 53 c idle - 85 c load

Core 2 44 c idle - 65 c load

Core 3 43 c idle - 64 c load


Ambient is about 40 c

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At a room Temp of 40 Deg C yes that is normal, I would suggests operating temps of about 22-26 deg C. And the MB should ahve software that came with it on the driver CD I would suggest using that rather then Core temp or speed fan as these temps will show the core temps not the CPU Temp which will be lower.
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