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CML8GX3M2A1600C9 on ASUS P5N64 WS Professional - Graphics Driver crashes constantly


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Hello everyone.


Since my old ram from a corsair competitor overheated due to not properly attached heat sinks and it isn't produced any longer, i searched for new ram and found the CML8GX3M2A1600C9 on the guaranteed compatibility list for my mobo.


The ram was recognized by the system without problems, however the graphics driver just keeps crashing and is getting reset, which makes using the computer normally impossible.


I have the latest bios and drivers for my mobo/chipset, and the newest CCC and AMD driver.


The timings are set to 9-9-9-24 2T manually, the voltage is set automatically.


When i disable the memory remap feature in bios, the computer runs perfectly but with only 3,5 GB ram of course.


I only have max. 4 days left to send back the memory to the online shop if i can't solve the problems (14 days since delivery).


Ah... more important info: i have run memtest86+ 4.2 for nine hours without any reported errors, and have tested the memory slots on my mobo, which work fine.


One more thing: According to the user manual i can have up to 8GB ram but not more than 2GB per slot - so the main question here is: is that memory kit really compatible or is there a mistake in the compatibility list?

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So there WAS a mistake in the list, i see that it was changed already...


Thanks for the clarification, i believe i'll manage to send the memory back in time :)


But the other modules in the list should work then, am I right?


Which one would be best considering that i might want to OC the system some day?


Isn't there any 'faster' memory that would run? That mobo supposedly should work with 2000MHz ram.

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