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Custom 600T White Water Cooled

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Hi all, ive been floating around these forums since i decided to do a 600T build so thought i would put my results up incase anyone else could get ideas from it :biggrin:


This was my first water cooled build but i didnt find any major problems as i did a bit of planning before i put it together.


Full spec -



Mobo - ASUS P8Z68 V Pro - A great sandy bridge board with loads of features, SATA3 and loads of overclocking options

CPU - Intel i7 2600K - The new sandy bridge chip that i plan to overclock to 4.5ghz (maybe more if the system can take it)

RAM - 8GB Corsair Vengence DDR3 1600 - Amazing RAM for the price

PSU - Corsair 850W Pro Gold - One of the best 850W modular power supplies you can buy

SSD - Agility 3 60GB - SSD for windows7 only, full system startup time in less than 20 seconds with this SATA3 badboy

HDD - Caviar Black 1TB - A fast, silent, solid hard drive for everything else.

GPU - Nvidia 560GTX Ti Twin Frozr - Fantastic card for the price, overclocked at the factory it can compete with the more expensive 570GTX

Optical - Samsung DVD RW S222 - Well you still need one!

OS - Windows7 home premium - Meh....

Case - Corsair 600T White - Project storm trooper


Water cooling:

EK Supreme HF CPU Block - This is the watercooling block im using for the CPU on the motherboard

XSPC Rasa GPU Block - This is the watercooling block im using for the GPU on the graphics card

Phobya Xtreme 200mm Radiator - This will be located at the front of the case after the GPU with a pull fan

XSPC 240mm Duel Radiator - This will be located at the top of the case after the CPU with two fans pulling from the top of the case

Laing DDC Ultra 600LPH Pump + XSPC V3 Pump Top - This is a good pump when cooling two block and having a couple of rads

Bits Power Z-Multi 150mm Reservoir - A handy Reservoir that can be mounted in a number of positions

3x Scythe Typhoon 120mm Fans - Silent and great air flow, two for the top rad and one for the back of the case pulling cold air in

1/2" High Flow Barb Fittings - These fit to the equipment to allow hose attachment

7/16" ID White Tubing - I thought white would go well with the case and give a tidy look, 7/16 will mean a tight fit ove 1/2 barbs so no clamps will be needed.


If your interested in the build log you can find it here Koj's build log


Some completed pics (im no expert so sorry if the quality isnt great)















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Looks great! I really like the "cool" feel to it, with the soft white LEDs and the white and blue interior colors. I'm surprised you didn't go with the blue Vengeance memory since it matches the motherboard accent colors.


Great job!

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Thanks for the comments riverspiv, i must admit i didnt consider going with the blue heatsinks. I was trying for as much white and black as i could. I could always get just the blue heatsinks and see how it looks.... :biggrin:
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