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P3-128 Failing AGAIN


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Here I am again, several months later on my 2nd P3-128 drive, and now it's failing again.


Exact same symptoms as the previous drive had, my machine just randomly starts to "freeze" while not hardlocking in any way, I try to access any data and it just sits, then the HDD light turns on solid and stays there.


If this is anything like my last drive, these symptoms get worse and worse until the machine essentially just boots up, then fails





Why does this happen after several months of useage? I definitely DO NOT want another drive. They perform great and have no issues at all originally.



I don't want to secure erase my drive and try again, it's definitely failing like my last one, secure erase will be a waste of time and won't do dick.




What I want to know, is there firmware out that has corrected this ****ing problem? Also, I've seen many posts like mine, does Corsair know this is a problem?

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Their are no known problems with the P3 drives. What system are you using the drives on? Can you try the SSD on another working system if possible? If two drives have died in similar ways, I would suggest that their is something else causing the drives to fail.
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Something else making them die? Are you kidding me? Many others on this very forum are having the exact same problems. I bumped a thread with a bunch of people who have identical issues.


On my first drive I tried it in a laptop after it went bad and it couldn't even finish the install without just hanging indefinitely, I'm not going to waste that time again when it's showing the exact same symptoms as my first drive.



Edit :


To sum up.


It's a P55 chipset with an Intel ICH10 and a Marvel 6gb/s controller (i forget the model #) Anyway, I have tried both controllers, the drive has the same issues with either controller, it's not that. Tried disabling TRIM, same issues, tried several different SATA cables, same issues.


Also, it would make no sense to have a controller issue if the drive worked as advertised for 2-3 months, then just had this happen.


Go back and read through the other thread and tell me their are no known problems with these damn drives.

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I'm experiencing similar issues with the replacement of a p3-128 which died in April. I got the first one in March which died after 6 weeks of daily usage. It died completely after about a week of system freezes and file corruption. The replacement was installed in May, and now it too will no longer complete scandisk.
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That's identical to what's happening to me, yet there is nothing we can do other than get a new drive, and waste more time?


Corsair still claims there are no issues with this drive, when it's clear there are. I've had the same identical piece of hardware fail with the same problem twice now, and so have many others, with the same symptoms, I don't know what else it will take.



I'm going to be calling on Monday with another RMA, I'm going to ask just for a refund, then if no go, I'll take my new POS drive, sell it off and buy something that works.

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To bump this thread...


I have a support case submitted Monday to Corsair at about 10:30am PST





Does it really take more than two business days to simply get me an RMA number???????????????????????????????????????????????? Really?



I have NO COMPUTER, I want an express ship, yet can't do that until my RMA is approved.

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