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SP2500 in game extraneous noises


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Hi there,


I play two games on my PC, Counter strike source and BFBC2.


Just received the SP2500 set, and with my movies and my tunes it is all I had hoped it would be and a lot more. No issues with music, movie or desktop sounds.


It's only when I load up either of the two mentioned games that I have issues, those being a continuous background noise in both games. It is loud and rises in line with the volume as I increase it.


The sound is hard to describe but I guess it's like a continuous wine and rumble combined.


I am running an Asus Xonar DG sound card and was running it with a much lesser quality 2.1 speaker setup with the same in-game settings which I have not altered. This 2.1 speaker system did not have the background noise issues mentioned and was running on the same system as the SP2500's are now.


So far I have,


1. Downloaded the latest sound card drivers for my system and after sweeping the old drivers in safe mode I installed the latest drivers.


2. Tried the SP2500's in both line in and the Aux1 connection options to the Xonar.


3. I have run with both the sound card's as well as the SP2500's default EQ options as well as with and without all the DSP options from both the sound card and SP2500's. The noises happen regardless.


The sound being produced that I can hear as I game is amazing so I'm really hoping to enjoy it without these extraneous noises in the background.


Don't know what else to try so if anyone might have an insight for me it's much appreciated.


Thanks for looking.


Windows7 x64 | Asrock Z68 Extreme4 | x2 7200rpm SATA HDD | i5 2500k | GTX 570SC [stock]


Onboard audio and IGP's disabled.

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Ok no response, I saw a post here somewhere where ramguy said they had found a manufacturing problem and future runs should be fine, well that's all good but it's still a crap shoot, all depends on what stock your place of purchase has I guess, so I will be getting a refund and will wait until quality control controls quality.
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I have not heard of a problem like this with our speakers, can you test them on another system, and I would suggest speaking with the Audio card manufacturer and see what they say, if it were the speakers you would hear the sound all the time so the fact you only hear it in those two games suggests its not the speakers.
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