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Corsair Extreme X256 CFMSSD-256D1/RF2 Problems


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Hello, I currently have submitted 3 rma's and still have two faulty drives.


The drive works perfectly for a few times and then randomly the BIOS will drop the drive or the PC will crash and then the drive is no longer detectable from the BIOS.


I have 2 refurbished drives here that have been replaced both of them have the same issue time and time again, I would love to have a working drive currently they are sitting on the table costly and unusable.


I am sick of sendind the drives off and getting returned "refurbished" drives with the same problem.


There firmware is the latest and I have checked that I have tested the drives in several other pc's and motherboards all with the same conclusion.


Is it too much to ask after 3 RMA's for 2 NEW drives ?


Ramguy please step in and assist me here, I use corsair ram in my pc and it's never been a problem. However after looking around on google there are complaint after complaint about these drives with similar problems.


Happy to trade the to drives in for ONE working new drive which isnt in the Extreme series but a higher spec drive.




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