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Corsair CSSD-V32GB2 ATA issues

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Hello all,


I'm hoping someone can help me. Lately, my system has been occasionally rebooting and trying to boot from the CD Drive rather than my SSD listed above. When that happens, I've looked in Bios, and sometimes the SSD drive isn't listed at all. Usually after powering down, I can get back into the Bios and it will finally recognize the drive. I've only had this drive for about 11 months. I ran Malwarebytes, and various virus and spyware checks, and found nothing. Have I given enough information here to have someone suggest what the problem may be? I'd hate to think the drive is failing- I ran a disk check the other night, and there was a small issue, but the check said it was repaired. I appreciate any help anyone can provide- I also plan on trying to contact customer service tomorrow as well.



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