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Force 3 120 GB, Linux, no problems so far - advice please

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I ordered a Force 3 120 GB on June 23rd (arrived around June 28th) from a german retailer (Alternate), after reading an announcement on their web page where they stated that there were issues with those SSDs, and one should RMA drives bought up to that point, but they also said that the new batch they were selling was okay. (though, that announcement has vanished, and I have no bookmark of it)


The scary bit: serial # of my SSD starts with 1121 ... *gulp* ;)



During the weekend, I've assembled my new home server, but also have learned about the ongoing problems with those drives, seemingly unrelated to what serial # they are bearing, and RMAd or not.



I did excessive stress testing (to see if the SSD would fail at some point, but also because I wanted to put the system to the test - things like compiling 2 linux kernels at once (each with CONCURRENCY_LEVEL=6) while continuously dumping the contents of /dev/sda to dev/null, generating system loads around 15-20 and I/O wait up to 40% while doing this.


Also, I successfully ran hdparm's wiper.sh, and after that the SSDs sequential read speed went back up to around 500 MB/s.



In other words: I've been really mean to the cute little Force 3 thingie, but, so far - not a single error, or lockup, or vanishing from BIOS.

Drive is connected to one of the two onboard 6G SATA ports, in AHCI mode. Using a SATA3 cable that came w/ the mobo.



So, I'm not sure what to do now - RMA or not RMA?


I'd prefer to keep the drive for now (one drive is better than no drive), and RMA it if it should fail at some point in the future (would still be covered by Corsair?), or once I can afford to just buy another drive in advance.


I'm not concerned about data loss, as the system will be tested for a couple more weeks before it goes into 'production', so it won't be much of a problem, should the drive decide to fail at some point during the next weeks.



Soo... advice, please.

As I said - at the moment I am more than happy with the incredible performance of that SSD, and didn't encounter a single problem so far.

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one month later, and still no problems with this very drive.


Server has been running 24/7, including virtual machines (KVM) whose partitions partly reside (encrypted even, AES-NI ftw) inside a LVM partition on the SSD. Have compiled more kernels in the meantime, did more testing, installed Windows 7 in another VM, and not a single error/lockup.


Also, I enabled discard/trim on the server's system partition (ext4 fs, about 50% used), and so far the sequential read speed is still okay (ran the last wiper.sh about 3 weeks ago, IIRC):


# dd if=/dev/sda2 of=/dev/null bs=4096

2621440+0 records in

2621440+0 records out

10737418240 bytes (11 GB) copied, 29.8533 s, 360 MB/s



# dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/null bs=8192

14652603+0 records in

14652603+0 records out

120034123776 bytes (120 GB) copied, 307.935 s, 390 MB/s




BTW, my main Windows 7 system (installed 2011-01), running on a ********2 RAID0 and an Intel P55 board (RST controller) gets a bluescreen on boot and "OS not found" after reboot about once a month. Cold start fixes it, though.

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