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TW3X4G1333C9A - faulty or incompatible?


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Hi Guys,


i recently purchased a 2x2GB XMS3 RAM kit, together with a Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3 mainboard and Phenom II CPU. Now the system does not function properly. :sigh!:


When running with both modules inserted, I experienced random memory corruptions and segfaults. E.g. Firefox and Thunderbird crashing (did not happen before hardware upgrade - software was left untouched), MD5 hashes of (cached) files changing on almost each(!) execution of the md5sum utility, CRC errors on downloaded files.


Interestingly, the latest memtest86 did not find errors in 2-3 whole iterations...

Rotating RAM modules did not help. Removing one module did help, though. System runs stable for more than a week now. Placing the working module in another slot (therefore other memory channel) also works.

However, running with only the other (faulty?) module produced a crash after only minutes.


I tried lowering memory frequency to 1066, as well as increasing voltage slightly - did not change anything. Turning off C1E and CPU frequency scaling, toggling between ganged and unganged RAM access - no change.


What really freaks me out is that memtest is unable to detect any errors, though the problem seems to affect only one module (all other hardware and the software obviously work). :bigeyes:


Any advice or similar experiences?


Thank you


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Hey, thanks for your reply!


Today I had time to do some more tests. Memtest86 did detect errors now, reliably and reproducible. The test failing was the random sequence test - roughly the same as filling up memory with cached files and doing md5sum like I did. :sunglasse


Looks like one of the two modules is faulty. Got tons of errors starting from addresses around 550MB. With both modules, errors at 550MB or 2600MB (depending on module ordering). Had to turn off channel and bank interleaving to get this difference, else the errors were around 1100MB.

Maybe some sort of degradation of the module, which is why the crashes did only occur unregulary at first?


Neither increasing DRAM voltage to 1.70V nor decreasing memory frequency from 1333MHz to 1066MHz (nor both at the same time) did change anything about the errors.


Seems like I need to RMA the modules. :(:

Which also means I have to buy some more memory - else I won't have any during the weeks the RMA process probably needs...

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Call CS and ask them about an advanced RMA. All you need to do is provide them with a credit card number to secure the shipment, and they should be able to ship you new modules before you have to ship yours back.That way you are not left without a machine to use unless the RAM decides to go completely. Even at that one module should be enough to keep you running till then. Besides, Corsair RMA service is among the fastest of any of the computer parts companies IMHO. Total turn around time is about 7-10 days usually unless you live over seas. Then you can add a few days to that.
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Thanks to both of you!


Yesterday the "good" one of the two modules also showed instabilities. After switching slots it now seems to work again... :confused:


How likely is it to have both modules of a package failing?!


One last guess (before randomly RMAing all memory, mainboard and CPU :(:): Could such instabilities be caused by a weak power supply? My PSU only delivers 350W, which should be enough, but is not much by today's standards...

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Yesterday the "good" one of the two modules also showed instabilities. After switching slots it now seems to work again...


How likely is it to have both modules of a package failing?!

Next to near imposible. Since switching slots and having both sticks produce errors, i would think about RMA'ing the board instead of the RAM. Or atleast call them about it. Thats suggests you have problems somewhere else .


And yes a weak or failing PSU will cause instabilities.The GPU specs a 400w or greater PS all by itself. However since just switching slots helped, i'm still leaning towards the board.

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I contacted Gigabyte, and guess what: They say it's the RAM or the CPU. Or maybe the PSU. But not the board (of course). :roll:


I ordered new RAM and a stronger PSU now. PSU arrived yesterday - with its fan broken away from the mounting. Need to send that back...


System is now running on another 350W PSU from my parents' PC, which seems to provide stable voltage. Errors did not go away, though.


Next try is the new RAM. If that fails again I'll wait for a replacement PSU. And then contact AMD...

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