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Marvel Work around for Force 3 disks LOL


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WARNING ! This requires change of voltage and isn't recommended by myself or Corsair directly!!



issue with the signal strength from the Marvel controller. Remedy to this issue:


1. Try a shorter SATA cable. (< 12 inches usually work fine)

2. Try a quality SATA cable

3. On P67, H67 , and Z68 chipset, try increasing the PCH voltage from stock to 1.15v

4. Use Intel SATA 3.0 port instead of Marvell


From our testings, we have found shorter quality SATA cable fixes this issue 95%. If the customer is using hot-swap bay, then please ask the customer to connect the drive directly to the SATA port via a short cable.



It does work on some boards however i'm still unable to get it to work on mine... sigh :(

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