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Backplate and Screws loose- H60 + Asus P8Z68-V


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I am assembling the following:

Cooler: Corsair H60 liquid cooler


CPU: i7-2600k

Case: CoolerMaster HAF912


I am following the steps in following link, but think I have a problem. http://www.corsair.com/blog/mounting-the-hydro-series-h60-cpu-cooler-to-your-intel-motherboard


Here is what I have done...

I installed the MB in the case.

I inserted the H60 back plate in the rear of the MB. (I adjusted the 4 nuts to get them to fit through the holes in the MB.)

I inserted the 4 double ended standoffs in the front of the MB.

However, even after screwing down the standoffs as much as I could with my fingers, the standoffs will still rock side-to-side. In addition, the back plate on the rear of the MB will move as well.


I have stopped my installation at this point because I am assuming the back plate should not move and the double ended standoffs should not rock side-to-side.


1) Should the standoffs move like this?

2) Does it sound like I did anything wrong?


I will post some pictures. Not sure they will properly show the issue. I also have a couple of MP4 videos that show the issue. Is there a way to post them?


Note – In the pix titled ”Front_Grabbing_with_arrows”, I added two red arrows to show what I mean by ‘rocking’.

Note - I tried making a motion JPG here: http://gifninja.com/animated-gifs/92655/front-moving-standoff




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Additional info...


I removed the back plate from the MB and installed a double ended standoff directly to aback plate nut. Even after I screw in the standoff all the way, the standoff + nut still rocks side-to-side.


I attached a picture of this, too.


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This is normal. The backplate and standoffs move a little before the heat sink/pump assembly is installed. Once the assembly is installed onto the cpu, the backplate and standoffs will no longer move. Once you place the assembly on top of the cpu, hold it down firmly until all 4 nuts are tightened securily. This will make sure that the thermal paste doesn't move and makes good contact with the cpu. Hope this helps.

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Thank you for the quick feedback, Chemman.

Based on that, I went ahead and completed the assembly. Not that everything is installed, the cooling module does not seem to move.


I haven't got the OS on yet, but I go into BIOS and here is what I see reported...

CPU temp: 43-44 C

MB temp: 28 C

Radiator fan (120mm, airflow into case): 900 rpm

Front fan (200mm, airflow into case): 715 rpm

Top fan (120mm, airflow out of case): 936 rpm


Does this sound correct? (i.e. Do you think I have the cooling module on correctly?)


If that does sound correct, here is my next decision to make. (Perhaps I should move this to a new thread?)

I had to remove a 120mm fan from the rear of the case to free a spot for the H60 radiator / fan. Trying to decide if I should use that fan as (1) a 'pull' fan for the radiator (2) an 'in' fan on the side panel or (3) an 'out' fan on the side panel.




Note - I had planned to put the 200mm fan at the case top vent, but it would not fit with the radiator / fan in place.

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don't trust your mb cpu temp as it ALWAYS reads higher then what your core temps are. that temperature is actually normal for bios cpu temp as most p67 boards tend to read the cpu temps higher then what the actual core temps are. Mines say my cpu temp is at 50c when the 4 cores actually idle at 35c
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mychorrizae - Glad to hear your H60 is working, too!


Looks like I am in good shape. I don't have the video card installed yet, but per realtemp my CPUs idles at ~27 C under the OS.


Thank you for the help and advice everyone.

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