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650D Devices and Printers Icon


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I think somebody creative ought to create a custom 650D icon for our devices and printers page. The icon for my PC currently looks like a modem! Oh, and an icon for my Samsung SyncMaster 206BW would be nice too!


Can I change these icons manually?



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You made all those yourself?! Mad props to you, man! Thanks for taking the time to do that. I haven't had time to fiddle with it just yet, but I'll make sure to post my success story when I do!


P.S. What software do you use to create the icons? Is there any good freeware to do it?

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The real solution to this problem lies with Corsair.

If Corsair contracted with a programmer who would create a metadata file for each product Corsair sells including a Custom icon, then submitted this metadata file to microsoft for addition to their database, it would automatically download this on installation of the product. The user would never even know this happened. It would be totally transparent to the user. He would just get the icon and the associated metadata package as if it was a driver. With the additional advantage of adding in Corsairs advertising along with this so everytime the user selected the devices properties, he would get a link to the support forums as well, This is a win/win situation for Corsair, and once this programmer completes his project they no longer need his services.

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Hello all,


May I ask anyone more knowledgeable and familiar with such icon producing/making software to make me one ? I am looking for an Obsidian 800D case icon (like the one i attach below) but I need it to contain the following sizes:


256x256 32bit + Alpha


48x48: 32bit + Alpha

48x48: 8bit 256

48x48: 4bit 16


32x32: 32bit + Alpha

32x32: 8bit 256

32x32: 4bit 16


24x24: 32bit + Alpha

24x24: 8bit 256

24x24: 4bit 16


16x16: 32bit + Alpha

16x16: 8bit 256

16x16: 4bit 16


I want it in order to use it as a replacement icon for "my computer" in "devices and printers" in Windows.


Sorry to bother you all but if anyone is capable of making me one or already has one I'd be grateful.


Thanks in advance.


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