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2* TW3X4G1333C9A - BlueScreen by ntoskrnl.exe :(


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Hi, excuse me for my english..


IMPORTANT LAST EDIT: with a program for to stress the pc, and with 2*2gb in DUAL CHANNEL, I have the bluescreen on ntoskrnl.exe

but if I install 2*2gb in SINGLE CHANNEL or 1*2gb only, the pc it's all ok and nothing bluescreen......

please, help me for setting my ram from bios, now all bios it's on "Auto".

This is the video of my setting bios. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DKQANW21

Please help me


I formatted and installed the OS Win7 64bit about 15 times to know the problem


The problem:




When I view one or more video streams simultaneously (Adobe Flash), or when I was scrolling web pages, or when doing multiple tasks at once, or even towards the end of the 80 fix of windows update at new every windows install.. (And in other situations, "random")



With Win XP 32bit installed by starting on the second HD, I never had any blue screen despite 4gb of ram installed in dual channel, so the problem is the management of dual channel by win7...


Instead, with Win7 on HD SATA has continued to bluscreen in all the following attempts to install new:

Citing the factory settings on the motherboard (pulling battery)

Updating the bios motherboard

Unplugging the ata power of the secondary hd and cdrom

Disconnect all external devices to the one described

Win7 by installing 64bit

Win7 by installing 32bit

Installing all the drivers by downloading them from win update

Installing all the drivers by downloading the official factory most recent


Taking tests and memtest + win7 on sticks of ram (ok)

Taking tests and memtest + win7 individually on each bank of RAM (ok)

By testing with HDTune hd (ok)


ULTIMATELY, now everything works well with the official drivers (gigabyte, ati, hp, etx) and all connected devices, and eith win7 64bit on first HD (SATA) and installed all the updates ..

BUT with only a bench instead of 2gb ram and not 2*2gb installed (and identical) in dual channel ...



How can I set the memory in the bios to be able to still take advantage of the speed of the "dual channel" of ram?


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You have only ONE kit of TW3X4G1333C9A, correct?


Also, Windows doesn't manage the memory like that, the BIOS does. There's no setting for single or dual channel as it's set based upon which slots you put it in.

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