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Weird problems with SSD F120


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The last few weeks im having a weird problem, sometimes my pc craches and when it is rebooting the bios cant find the SSD anymore it says "missing ntbtldr"

(probably because it wants to boot from a normal HD that is inmy pc)



When i try to find my Corsair ssd in the bios it is not there, if i switch of the power on the pc and then go back into the bios the corsair ssd is back and fully functional. You guys have any idea?


Also in chrystaldisk the temp of the ssd is 60° C (red) or 141 F is this normal? If not what can i do to lower it?



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As far as i know SandForce based drives don't have temperature sensors. And 60°C is far more than any of the classic HDD's that i ever had. I'd say the readings are off here. And trust me, you'd feel the 60°C as the 50°C is a point where you can get a burn injury.


Are you using the latest version of CrystalDiskInfo ? You may also want to try SSDLife...

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Im suffering from the same problem on my laptop. But it apears everytime I've shutdown my computer. First BIOS and no SSD found, after reboot it boots just fine.


I can get hdd temp from within my linux and it's around 40 C.


I use Corsair F120 (bought at late May) with firmware 2.0 on a Asus u35jc. Later this week I'll install W7 and update all possible firmware I can find.


I'd love if this was able to fix.


Edit: Now is everything up to date. Still same issue.

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