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Old Voyager 4GB works as usb v1.1 device on usb v2.0 port!


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Something happened today. The stick always were found as usb v2.0 device until today morning. I tried recognize problem on different operating systems (Win7, Suse11 and even Win2k) but any computer (I tried on 3 different machines) with any OS sees one as usb1-1 device. I don't know why and how to solve this problem.

I tried ask google & look around here but I cannot find any suggestions anywhere...


F.e: Win7 shows only message like this: "this device may run faster ..." but it is still the same usb2-0 port who worked fine until now! It's really strange.

Linux sees Voyager as usb1-1 device too (with any warnings/errors).

The Corsair behaves identically on other computers (is it still usb2-0 device?;).



Configuration of the stick:

FAT32, checked (clean) = no errors during operation, no bad sectors. Works fine but VERY SLOWLY (like usb1-1 devices do;).

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