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H60 Fan Configuration - Changed stock to Push /Pull...advice please!


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Hi All


Im kind of new to the whole water cooling thing - this is my first attempt using the H60.


Just to give you an idea of my rig:


Fractal Design R3 Case - 2 x 120 intake (Front), 140MM roof exhaust, 140mm floor intake, 140mm side intake. I kind of like the Fractal as it has all the filters and noise surpression you could wish for.


MSI 870-G54 Mobo with AMD Phenom II X4 @ 3.8GHZ / 10GB Corsair DDR3 / 1333MHZ


...few other bits but thats the main...


I installed the H60 as per instructions with fan blowing in to the radiator but was not really happy with this set up - it kind of goes against the grain to have the rear exhaust blowing in surely? My confusion is around air flow direction and also dust clogging up everything?


I changed the set up using dual Excalibur Fans which pack some good pressure and speeds and noise is not much different to the single stock corsair fan....(oh and also removed the original thermal paste in favour of some Arctic 5 which I have had good results with on Fan set ups!)


I now have it set so the front fan is pushing and rear fan exhausting - results seem pretty good running a few degrees lower than previously.


Is this OK to have it set up like this????


....by the way love the simplicity of install on an AMD board...could not be easier and thanks to a bit of cable management the case looks so so clean!


All feedback very welcome on this topic!

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Well seeing temps of 27 degrees idle and around 38 on full load so Im guessing not too bad - certainly a few degrees under what I was running with a fan cooler.


I think the fact I have 3 fans drawing air into the case is helping keeping the air moving well.


Ill keep a close eye on it

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Tried changing the direction of the fans....


I had it set up previously taking air in from the case and pushing out through the rear exhaust - read a lot of forums which seemed to suggest trying the other way around and blowing coldest outside air over the radiator.


Although initially the temp dropped around a degree or two - the temperature inside the case increased around 3 or 4 degrees and over time the CPU temp increased also.


Bearing in mind I have two roof extractor fans I had hoped these would draw out enough heat....


I have gone back to the old set up extracting through the rear exhaust and temps seem more stable.


Anyone else any suggestions to optimise temps?


Im using 2 x Excalibur Fans

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