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Random reboots...short circuit?


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Ive been plagued by random reboots for months now. It all start back in like February when I had bought a Corsair HX1000. Everything ran fine for about a week and then I started getting random black screen+reboot everytime I tried to game. The first thing I considered is temperatures and OC instability or SLI driver issues. But even after putting everything back to stock settings I was getting the black screen as soon as there was a load on one of my GPUs. I even tried disabling SLI and still black+reboot.


So I took the whole computer apart and tested my rig with a spare Corsair TX750 I had...everything worked fine even with all my overclocks and GTX 480 SLI. So at this point I figured its probably the HX1000, but just to make sure, I plugged the HX1000 back in one last time and surprising everything was working again (I took out my DVD Drive from the rig)....And everything kept working for about 2 months straight with no issues whatsover :confused:


After the 2 months, the black and reboot started happening again. So I tried plugging the TX750 back in to test my rig and once again everything was running fine. So then I plugged the HX1000 again and again everything worked fine but this time for only about 2 weeks. At this point I called Corsair and had my HX1000 replaced with a new HX1000 that Corsair sent me. While I was waiting for the new HX1000 to arrive, I was using my TX750. Everything worked fine for about 2 weeks until the same black screen+reboot started happening with the TX7500 now.


The new HX1000 then arrived and ran great for about 6 days but my rig started doing the black+reboot again. So i thought maybe this was another faulty PSU.


So then I had this second HX1000 replaced with a Corsair HX1050. THe rig ran great for about 2 days and the black screen+reboot is back:confused:


So far I have tried HX1000, HX1000, TX750, HX1050.....Thats 4 power supplies and still having the same issues... It can't be the power supply right??:confused:


I am really very puzzled by this so I come to you guys. Please help me figured out what is causing this.


Im very sure there aren't any temperature issues involved because all my components are watercooled and I constantly monitor my temperatures even while gaming.


Ive achieved stable OC settings after lots of Prime and IntelBurn stress testing (while this black screen+reboot issue wasn't present). But I even tried running my rig on stock and still the same issue


I really highly doubt its a driver issue because the frequency of these reboots just keep increasing to the point where I cant even login into windows. Its not even while gaming anymore


Could it be the ModRight PSU extension Im using? or maybe the motherboard waterblock thats causing this? But this issue started happening before I even added a waterblock to my mobo. I have also tried different GTX 480s during the past few months. Maybe the motherboard standoffs? Im using the ones that came with the COrsair 800D case. Perhaps its the cheap fan controller I bought from Ebay? Im desperate here guys please help me find the culprit

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Hmm yes that seems like the best thing to do. But I want to try a few things before I have to empty out the water cooling and remove all the components since both my GPUs are also water cooled.


A little update; I removed all the PSU extension cables and cathode light and also the cheap fan controller. Im currently game testing the system, both GTX 480s are at 98-99% load maxed out in Metro 2033 and Im not getting any reboot or black screen. My Core i7 930 is also back to my normal OC settings of 4.42Ghz with hyper threading


Its been running for over an hour now and no issues so far. Could it have been the extensions? The fan controller I bought was a cheap $5 fan controller from ebay


Just last night, I couldn't even get into windows because as soon as the "welcome" screen came up, my system would black screen and then reboot.

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I have finally reached a conclusion.


The thing that was causing the black screen and reboot was a ModRight 24 pin extension cable that I was using:




Usually when the black screen and reboot problem appears for me, the frequency of the problem keeps increasing to the point where the PC will just reboot as soon as I get into windows. ANd then I shut the PSU off for several hours and Im able to run basic tasks again like check e-mail without having the PC shut off on me.


I recently started getting the reboot problem again yesterday as I mentioned. And the frequency of the restart kept increasing and increasing. To the point where as soon as I open a game, the PC rebooted. I removed my ModRight 24 pin extension cable and the reboots have stopped completely. I removed all my extensions last time but forgot about the big 24 pin one until yesterday. Anyways I put both my GPUs at 97%-98% once again for several hours and everything is still running without any reboots or black screens.


I know getting voltage reading through software is completely unreliable but its the the only evidence I have to support this. Using AIDA64 Extreme Edition software and my mobo BIOS, I noticed my +12V reading was 11.3V udring the past few days and yesterday using the ModRight extension. After I removed the extension, my +12V reading is now 11.815V in AIDA64 and 12.03V in BIOS. Again, I know software readings are unreliable but that its a pretty huge difference

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I'm glad you got it sorted out. My 24 pin from the power supply shorted out. The computer would shut down. So i would would have to open the case up and wiggle the 24 pin connector just to get it to start up lol. This was going on since i built it. So i just recently sent it back. No big deal lol.:D:
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