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AX850 making popping noise whilst off


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I installed an AX850 about 5 months ago, all was fine.


However, the other morning I got up and noticed a sort of popping or crackling noise coming from my PC. It wasn't on at the time but was plugged in. Since then I have noticed the same noise at various other times.


There is no smoke, no smell, just the noise that isn't regular and reminds me most of high voltage arching. There was no obvious melting when I took the side of the case off either. The noise definitely seems to be coming from the PSU. The noise stops as soon as I uplug the PC.


There is no problem running the computer, it boots up fine, runs fine and there is no noise whilst running and not every time it turns off, just sometimes.


Should I be worried or is this a known issue?


Thanks for any advice.

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