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X32 Half Dead? RMA Job?

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The drive in question has been running flawless for over a year now. Since it's just out my retailers warranty, am I able to get warranty through corsair?


FYI: After a reboot of my system, the SSD was locking up my system on bios. After changing SATA ports & settings I was unable to get have it recognised.


I've proceded to place it in another (older) system with a sata expansion card... It too did not bring up the drive.


After further perusal I shorted the jumper on the drive and it booted but it displayed the barefoot controller (built into the drive *I think*) from there I tried to update the firmware with no luck.


Should corsair expect this drive for warranty? I'm quite keen to know of any other avenues I can down to repair this drive. It seems the controller is working still.


Cheers in advance,


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Thanks Wired,

nice to hear about the warranty. I was not aware of that looking into my problem.


I couldn't care about the data, just wanted to know if there were any other tools available to repair it myself without sending it away.


Still a little confused why the drive works with that jumper in place. What does that jumper do? My interpretation would be it disconnects the storage component of the drive.


As with others on this forum a RMA seems to be the go.




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