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Force 3 Performance on external SATA controller


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Hello, I've installed on my GA-X48-DS4 in a PCIe 2.0 x16 slot an Dawicontrol DC-600e controller. But I'm wundered about the OTTA benchmark result. The read results are near SATA3 performance (limited to x1 PCIe 2.0) but the write performance is limited in an area like SATA2. The Dawicontrol support means it is a disk problem?! The Disk was in RMA and has firmware 1.2.


Can anyone post the OTTA benchmark results of this disk on an SATA3 onboard controller, external controller and ideally on an Dawicontrol controller?




The marketing benchmarks shows the disk is in write and read performance nearly identically for the force3 and also in the community there are such kind of screenshots.


Or is it only for GT?


Here on the Marvell on-board SATA III there are similar OTTA results: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=96269&page=2 But much better with crystal disk mark as my disk.


I feel pranked; first RMA and 3 weaks not usable disk, then falling prices therefore and now the bad performance: I feel a bit pranked.


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Write Speeds are dependent on the workloads with Sandforce based SSDs.


There is a compression algorithm used by the I/O Processor on the Sandforce based drives which is used to boost write speeds. This is why there was a sudden boost in write speeds going from an Intel X25M to say an ******** (which like the Force from Corsair is based off a Sandforce Controller).


Certain benchmarks are not friendly to the Sandforce compression engine (and certain workloads).


I do not think you were cheated in any way.

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