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This is the test with atto:



we see that the force is unstable and barely reaches a fair result at the end


I repeat that there are people who still has an SSD Force Series 3, which results in 4k with crystaldisk reaches much higher than mine. think it's the fault of the amd 880g chipset? do you think would be better with a intel p67 motherboard? I am very disappointed by the results that I got

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a friend of mine mounted his ssd Force 3 of AM3 motherboard and its results are better than mine, then my ssd is defective. What should I do?


This does not mean your drive is defective. Please do a bit of troubleshooting before you decide that.


First, what are the first 4 digits of the serial number on the label? (NOT the digital serial number)


Also, it's impossible to assist you without your system specifications. Please fill them in as requested at registration.

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