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Asus M4N75TD with CMX8G3M2A1333C9 bluescreening


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Hello folks I'm hoping that ya'll can help me out here.


Recently I replaced my MB/CPU due to what I strongly suspect was a bad MB(that whole 3 year episode is a story in and of itself). The old MB was DRR2 so I had to purchase new memory as well and did so by purchasing DRR3 memory from Corsair. The computer ran for a week with no problems. Now the computer BSOD and each time it BSOD there is a "bugcheck" event in the Windows event viewer. On the first boot after a BSOD Windows will BSOD again before completing a bott. After the first 2 or 3 BSODs I started running Memtest86+ on the memory modules on boot after the bsod. Each time I ran Memtest86+ after a BSOD it finds errors during the first pass. After that pass and if I run it at any other time there are no errors found.


Yesterday evening I started running Memtest86+ on the memory modules in different configurations. After swapping modules in and out and running Memtest86+ to check the individual modules and slots in the MB and finding no errors. I booted the computer back up with both modules in the PC running in Dual channel mode. Everything seemed fine until about 5 or 10 mins and the computer just turned the screen black and froze. It would not even listen to the reset button on the front of the case. The ASUS MB I am running has a feature called "MemOK!" that runs at first boot to detect correct settings for the Memory. It has a light next to it on the MB to indicate what it's doing during it's auto config process and to indicate memory problems. When the Screen turned black this morning that light was on indicating a memory problem. I can not say if that light comes on with the BSODs as I have been learning about this feature during the process this week and so did not look to see if the light was on when the BSODs appeared but will do so with the next one that appears. Before I could get the computer to even POST at this point I had to remove a memory module. Simply removing that one module unstuck what ever was stuck as I immediately turned the PC back off after seeing it booting on the one module and swapped the two modules so that the one I removed was the only one in the PC and the PC still booted.


One other note I should make is that the BSODs appear (except for the very first one) when I have gone away from the PC for about an hour and come back to it. Because of this I thought at first that it was a problem with the PC going to sleep so I disabled that feature in Windows but it still BSODs.


btw BIOS indicates the Memory running at 1333 Mhz Timing at 9-9-9-24 and voltage at 1.5v.


Any suggestions ? I'm leaning very strongly to a memory module randomly hanging and then freeing back up.

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Well thanks for the advice guys :) but it would seem (oddly enough) that the memory wasn't the problem after all.


By chance I left the side of the case off after the last BSOD occurred, which was right before I made the post here. I had left it off so that I could see the lights on the MB better when the next BSOD occurred. However the result was that the computer didn't BSOD ! After taking a closer look I deduced that because my harddrives are turned side ways in my case to make room for long Video cards that the side of the case was pressing the SATA cables because of the close proximity and hence forth was causing some sort of short. So I replaced my SATA cables with cables that have a 90 degree connection so that they do not protrude out and put the side of the case back on. I haven't had a BSOD or any other type of error since so believe that to have been the problem as I replaced the cables a week ago.


Again thanks for the advice guys!

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