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CSSD-F120GB2 died after shut down and boot (doesn't show in BIOS)


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part number: CSSD-F120GB2

Serial number: 11076500340009980006

The drive was working, the user shut of the computer, at next boot the drive was not found(the computer wouldn't detect the drive).

I have tested the drive on other computers and cannot detect the drive there either.

Is there anyway the data might can be recovered/extracted?

there is very important data on this drive, is there is any possible way to make it start again?

The drive was used in a HP Elitebook 8440p.

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Sorry but Data cannot be recovered by a dead SSD. RMA the drive.
Incorrect. Data can be recovered, but depending on what the hardware issue is, it can be harder to retrieve than a standard HDD, even for the experts.


Naron: Contact a data retrieval company in your area.

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What are the chances of retrieving data on a SSD with Data Encryption on the controller's processor?. i may be wrong but what Wired said is right it depends on the hardware issue. but Since its a SSD i would think that the Sandforce controller died.
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