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Asus M4A89GTD Pro USB3 & CMD8GX3M4A1333C7


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hi, i'm building a new rig, my MB's memory module a1 and a2 does not work, if i put all the 4pcs rams it will not boot, no display, no beep, no post


but if its only 2pcs rams placed in the memory module b1 and b2 it boots fine


i tried placing only one ram per dimm slot and it still does not boot in a1 and a2, but works in b1 and b2. as long as there is ram placed on those slots (a1,a2) it really doesn't boot.


i'm not sure with the compatibility of these rams to my MB because its not listed in the asus QVL list. But my MB is listed in the corsair compatibility list for these RAMS.


my processor is phenom II x4 945 (not BE), and these rams performance profile are BEMP, so is this the reason?


slot a1,b1 - blue slot a2,b2 - black


they are arranged a1-a2-b1-b2 slots a1, a2 are the ones not working!



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Please test the modules one at a time and make sure one is not failing, if they are pass http://www.memtest.org. If they all pass then install all four modules and then reset the MB BIOS with the CLRTC jumper with no power connected and the battery removed and then install the battery and connect the power and turn it back on and see if it will let you into the BIOS. If not then test each slot on the MB with one module if it will not post with all of the slots one module at a time its either a bad MB or bad CPU.
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