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Issues with HX850 Right out of box


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First Issue: I just purchased this PSU cause my OLD OCZ PSU failed. I got it in the mail yesterday and hooked it up. Power and lights in Antac 900 Case and all devices except I got no Video Signal to my monitor. I am running SLI Zotac Gefore 8800 GT's. Each Video Card takes 1 6 Pin PCI-E Power Connector. I had Hooked up each video card with each of the hard wires from the PSU. Unplugged them and reconnected them and hooked back up power. Tried booting up again and same result. So I left one hooked up with Hard Wire and 2nd card with Modular PCI-E cable. Turned on Power and I have video Signal now.


2nd Issue: Is when I go and shut down the Computer as soon as it shuts down. 1 Sec later it immediately boots back up again. Never had this problem with with OCZ PSU or spare/backup PSU I have for testing purposes on machines. I unhooked and reconnected 8 PIN and 24 Pin Power and reconnected, took out PSU and reconnected Cabled to motherboard for reset and power button switches and those are in right pins slots on MB. I have gone through BIOS and turned off all WAKE ON USB/LAN/MODEM Setting's so nothing should turn on power except Power button. When I hit the Power button to shut off, the power shuts off and after 1 Sec it boots right back up again.


Third Issue: Now my PC will not go into Hibernate or sleep Mode, when I try and put it in either mode it shuts off Keyboard and Mouse Lights, Video Signal shut down to Monitor, but power to tower and all peripherals in tower are still running and powered on. I try to hit the power button to see if that will wake it up and nothing. No Mouse, keyboard or Video Feed to monitor activity.


I unhooked the Corsair PSU and went back to my backup PSU and just hooked up the essentials. All these problems went away and was working just like I had my OCZ PSU back in there.


Any Corsair Reps / Techs can assist in the matter or do I have to RMA this unit back. Specs of Computer are in Profile.


Thanx in Advance

Chad L.

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