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H50 Leaked!


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i have no idea what to do now. right now im just shocked and worried.


i came home from work i saw that my computer was shut down. usually i just leave it on and it goes into idle mode.


later i noticed a small pool of water on my printer and outside of my case


as i inspect the computer i saw another pool of water on my power supply and graphics card


i knew it was the h5o, where else had the water come from?


so i took a fan and left it to dry. i turned it on and no display.


i changed the graphics card with an old grfx card


turned it on and it works, thank goodness it was only component that was fried



i bought this roughly a year ago at my store i was wondering how do i go on about getting this replaced?


and is there anything corsair can do to get my graphics card replaced?

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sorry to hear this happened to you.

i would take some pictures and request an RMA with the link on the left.

Corsair may need you to send in not only the H50 but maybe the vid card as well.

its best to start an RMA, get a case# and call customer service and explain your loss.

their toll free # 1 888-222-4346

i dont know your location but Corsair is on Pacific time so keep that in mind before dialing.


im sure they will work with you getting your rig up and running again.


there is not much more tech support (this forum) can do for you than pointing you to what i have already.

again im sorry to hear of your loss, just give customer service a chance to make it right:):

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they said they sent me my check, and i didn't even get it. then they say oh we'll send u another one with tracking number.

1 week later i asked if they sent it yet?


this is what they replied, "Currently, out of office until Tuesday Aug 30. Please contact Corsair customer service for assitance."


like wtf...

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  • Corsair Employees
Our hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time if you got the message you called after hours or before were were open. and if you called when you posted it was 3:37 AM here I am sorry but we were sleeping.
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