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Riverspiv - 650D Home Server Build

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I just ordered the components for my home server build. I will be reusing some components from previous machines for this one. I will be building this home server to run amahi server, which I suggest people should check out if you are disappointed like I was at the announcement of Windows Home Server V2 no longer supporting drive pooling. Anywho, below are the components I will be using, with reused components noted with astericks:


*Intel Core i7-860

*Gigabyte P55 micro ATX

********* 4x2GB 1333

*Gigabyte Radeon HD 4350

********* 2TB (x2)

********* 1TB (x4)

*Asus DVD burner

Corsair 650D

Corsair AX750

Corsair H60

WD 2TB (x5)

Corsair Force 3 40GB

HighPoint RocketRaid PCIe SAS/SATA

Xigmatek 3 5.25" to 4 3.5" hard drive cage



So once this is done I will have a drive pool of 18TB, and with Amahi server I will control my replication at the directory level depending on my media type.


Stay tuned for pictures once the components arrive!

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I'm still awaiting one more box from Newegg that is taking a bit longer to arrive (APO shipping can be unpredictable). However, I have the home server up and running. All that I am missing is the H60 cooler (using stock air cooler now), and 2 more 2TB drives.


I noted in another post that I was able to take a drive cage from the 600T SE case and use it in the 650D case for this build. I have 13 slots to put hard drives in counting the Xigmatek 4 to 3 drive cage. So far I have 8 drives loaded and it is working out great. Amahi server is fantastic, and the greyhole storage pooling is just what I needed.


One thing that is going to be a tremendous challenge is the cable management behind the motherboard. I have so many wires from the SATA cables, and power cables that it will be very difficult to get them done cleanly. I'm at the point where I will be happy just to be able to put the side panel back on :)


One gripe I have is with the stock hard drive cages. I think it is pretty much impossible to use regular sata cables and still be able to close the case. I fully believe that right angle connectors are required.


Sorry for the non-visual update. I promise to get pictures posted once I have everything completed! I don't think this is one of those builds that is a good idea to show interim pictures...its a bit of a mess right now...

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The filter nixed out the memory company name, and then you edited the post to get around the filter.


The filters are pretty lame. It is a sign of weakness for Corsair to not even be able to handle customers mentioning other companies...there is no reason for it.


Besides, since when is the public Internet censored? What are we, in China or the Middle East? :(


Oh well, I guess at the end of the day you have to do what you are told and I don't fault you for that.

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Sorry it has taken so long to post anything. I am still waiting on one box from Newegg which is taking forever to ship to an APO. Below are two initial pictures. I have this machine completely built, but I want to wait until I get the H60 and the other hard drives before showing any more inside pictures. I want interested parties to see how the case looks with a ton of hard drives in it. It has been a difficult feat to run all the cables!


Bare case with AX750:




Front picture with Xigmatek 4 to 3 drive cage installed:



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I got the rest of my stuff in, so here goes:











I think Corsair cases are great for cable management, but as you can see -- there is definitely a limit...


As an aside, the SATA power cable with 4 connections is not long enough to feed through the back and up to the 4 to 3 drive cage. Oh well, can't have everything I guess.


I have two more 2TB drives that are coming back after an RMA. Those will fit into the two empty slots in the upper drive cage.


In case you didn't see my other post in the cases area, I was able to take a drive cage I wasn't using from the 600T SE and use it in this case. They are the same cages, and thus fit fine.

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Here is a screenshot of Amahi, displaying the greyhole settings. Note that I just added the last two drives, which is why they haven't balanced the space yet.



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I got my last two drives back from RMA, and they are successfully installed in the case. The case is extremely heavy now from the 12 hard drives. The cable management is completely lost in this case, and I wonder if I could have done a bit better in the 600T SE case that I have. There is a little bit more room in that case behind the motherboard, and it doesn't have the SATA dock in the top that has two more cables to deal with. If I am bored one weekend, I might try and swap the two builds to see if I can do better with the server in the 600T SE.
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