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Riverspiv - 600T SE Build

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I just ordered the components for my new desktop build, which will replace my existing Core i7-860 build in a Silverstone micro ATX case. This "old" machine will have components reused in a new home server build (another thread will be made for that one).


The components I have coming are:


Corsair 600T SE

Intel Core i7-2600k


EVGA GTX 460 SE (x2)

Corsair AX850

Corsair Performance 3 64GB

Corsair H60

Corsair Vengeance 4x4GB 1600

LG Blu Ray burner

Asus 25" LED LCD


I wish the H100 was out...I couldn't wait any more to buy my stuff. I'll probably pick one up though once they start shipping. Once everything arrives next week I'll start taking pictures throughout the process :)


Stay tuned!

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I'm still awaiting one more box from Newegg that has the AX850 and the H60 cooler. All of the other components are installed and ready to go, and I must say the EVGA motherboard and cards are looking great inside the case. I should be able to post pictures this week!


As if you guys didn't already know from numerous other posts -- the 600T SE case looks incredible and is so unbelievably easy to install components into it and route cables.

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Well I am still waiting for one more box from Newegg, so I broke down and built this PC anyway using the stock Intel cooler (yuck), and a 550w Corsair PSU. The PSU only can handle one of the video cards due to the wattage and required connectors.


Front with Blu-ray burner:



Inside view:



Closeup of crappy cooler, and one working video card :(



Different angle:



I didn't spend too much time on the cabling for this, since the PSU will be swapped out with the AX850 when it comes. I am really anxious to get the H60, but if it takes any longer to get here I might just have to order the H100 instead...


By the way, this case is amazing to work with. I even like it better than the 650D from my other build.

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Finally! I got my last box of goodies. I have everything installed, so here it is:













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