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AX850 dead - took motherboard with it?


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I have an ax850 approx 5 months old. It started to make a whine (capacitors?) which seemed acceptable according to these forums as it came and went. I purchased a new case and moved my components over (my new b3 board arrived so I got a new case to go with it) and when I went to power my computer on, it would not work.


What was strange was some lights on the board were on so I figured I got a dead replacement mobo (it was confirmed dead) - RMAed that and the new one arrived. Installed the new one - same problem.


I got suspicious when the second one was dead and I plugged the psu into an old PC I have (confirmed working) a 20 pin board - fans came on and then it died.... Now when I put the old psu in it won't turn on at all.


Sounds like my PSU has fried 3 mobos..... Has anyone ever came across this before? I've had a dead psu when nothing powered on but one which appears fine but is frying motherboards?


Thanks for the help.


Edit: I should also mention that it makes a click or a tick noise the first time I hit the power button and then not after..... Could the tick be it powering on and frying the mobo?

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take the board out of the case and try it on a table, sounds like there was a motherboard standoff where there should not have been one. ive done it myself by accident.

it sounds like a dead short somewhere.


I did, didnt work (I have removed the parts from the case and have it built on the desk). Also the old PC didn't work either as all I did was swap the wires from the old psu to the ax850... So if the potential short was anywhere it was in the ax850 itself.


Shouldn't the fuse have blown if it was a short?

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