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HX750W - boot problem


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Hello All,


I built my first computer several months ago (specs in the usual spot). So far the system runs great, but I seem to have a little querk.


Everything runs great and has no problems if I let the computer go to sleep and the fans turn off and so forth. I go to wake it up and it responds immediatly.


The issue I have is when I shut the computer all the way down. After the computer has been shut down, I attempt to power it back up.

-I hit the power button several times and the computer does nothing.

-I then turn off the power supply and turn it back on and the computer still does nothing.

-I unplug the power supply and plug it back in and at this point the computer finally boots up, HOWEVER, it will not boot windows. I have to open the bios screen, exit the bios screen and then windows boots.


Other then this issue, the computer runs great. Just seems to have an issue when shut down.


Anyone have any suggestions or comments? I appreciate it.



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Have you tried Replacing the power cord connected to your PSU?

have you tried reseating your 24 pin and 8 pin connector?

have you tried plugging the power cable on a different wall socket?


use these steps to find if one of them is causing your problem

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Hello people,


I will loan this thread because i have the same exact problem. I too just built a new pc, and after shutdown power won't come on.

I have this same problem if my pc has been powered off for a long enough time, like sleeping or going to work. I havent measured the time it takes, it could be less.


If i reboot it or power it down and press power on quickly it works fine.

I have had my motherboard replaced because i was sure it was it's problem, still it does this.


I have tried different outlet, different cable to PSU , reseating of 24 pin and 8 pin connectors. Actually the only way i got it started was reseating the 24 pin connector (1st time accidentaly) with the power on and it kind of "jumpstarted" the system. Long story short, after some troubles i convinced my pc supplier to change the mobo, but the next morning, right after i had it replaced, i had the same problem again.


For now, i just use sleep mode.


Does it look like i should RMA?


Thank you.

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  • Corsair Employees
I would check with the MB manufacturer to make sure it is not something they are aware of and we can always try and replace the PSU but this issue can just as easily be caused by the MB ASIC. So testing the MB with another PSU or testing the offending PSU on another MB would be the correct path to take to trouble shoot that issue.
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Question for all of you, when you shutdown your PC with Windows Shutdown, and the PC is off, is the mother board's power LED still on? The LED should be on as long as the power supply's power switch in on.


VonKrieg, You said once your PC starts after failing to do so, Windows will not start and you must enter the BIOS before Windows will boot. What is the error or what exactly happens when you say the PC will not boot into Windows? That is a very vague statement, we need more information about that.


snip3rcrosshair, When you say this happens just when you "lose power", what does that mean? The PS was unplugged or you house had a power outage? I'm not sure what you mean by lose power.


Some PC power supplies can be "reset" by very quickly (less than a second) switching their power switch on and off, on and off, several times for a few seconds. I read about that method in the manual of a major PS manufacture. The PC must be OFF when this is done, but the PS must be plugged in to it's power source.

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