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Force Series 60-A No Detection

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Hey Guys,


Pretty much as the title says, I have one of the Force Series 60 models (Part Number: CSSD-F60GB2-A) and it's not being detected in the Bios at all, just purchased it at Fry's Electronics on Saturday got it home, made sure to install it properly, in as much of a static free environment as possible, Bios set to AHCI, only drive in the box as my original drive went out recently. I read some people were seeing intermittent issues with this drive sometimes not showing up, however this isn't the case, amongst 30 reboots it hasn't shown up, I've tried it in 8 different computers all with different chipsets (I recently became employed at a company that sorta mix and matched computer systems down through the years and I'm their IT guy, a serious mess.). I'm thinking that this is RMA worthy, however then when I go to RMA it to corsair, their drop down requires a part number, they have a different part (Part Number: CSSD-F60GB2-BRKT) however I don't want to select that one and have my item returned to me for incorrect part number.


So what I'm asking is:


1.) In your opinion would this be considered a DOA drive?

2.) Would you

a) Waste the $27.00 worth of gas to take it back to Fry's

b) Call Corsair support and see if any of them happen to be able to get the RMA taken care of?


It's pretty much a hit or miss, if Corsair support asks me to take it back to where I bought it, that's $27 in gas plus wear and tear on the vehicle, I'm a little unhappy how this turned out.

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