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Problems with Mic at XP


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three days ago I bought the HS1 USB at amazon.de and thought it was a great deal.


But when I install the soft- and hardware I have big troubles with the mic. I test it on 3 different computers but the problem is always the same. After that I go to this forum and read that a lot of people have the same problem and corsair can´t fix this.


E.g. I see that megosu write this problem on 05-18-2011 and 5 days later a dude named RAM GUY (I think he is from corsair) answered: "Some have had some issues but there is not a big problem ... "


What this man think? If the mic of a headset is not working proberly it is just a headphone and not more. For the price of around 80 € I can expect an normal headset.


And every reader of this forum knows there are big problems with the mic. I test it also with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and the testprogram say: the mic have very poor quality and you can´t use it for this program. I have 2 other very cheap headsets and a special mic-only-usb and never have a problem like that.


Now I sent it back to amazon.de and I can guarantee that I write a very interesting comment there and sent a link to this forum, so that all potenzial buyers can read that corsair think it is no problem that a mic of a headset don´t work proberly and can´t not update her drivers in a normal time.


I am very interested in how many "headphones" after that amazon germany sold from corsair.


Servus from Munich

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