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Force 3 120 GB CSSD-F120GB3-BK 1124 Still failing...


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Please advise, i was duped into buying the newer 1124 batch, the fellow at the store snickered about the recall and still sold me this product, I have had windows 7 freezing randomly and bios issues after 3 days of normal use, its very random, ive got the pagefile moved, services optimized, everything that isnt from OS installed on a velociraptor, i removed everything that wasnt needed hibernation system restore ect... i did all my research and still got a horrible drive, i will hold back until a good drive comes back, they might even make me pay 15% restocking fee because the drive does turn on after i turn off and on the computer 3 or 4 times, but that doesnt help me from recovering time lost and or data im working on at the time, i do backup and save so i dont lose substancial data so to speak, but reliability is NOT in SSD, i am very disapointed with the customer support this time around, i will be taking this up with the local store in the morning....


I feel like i shouldve listened to my istincts and stuck with my velociraptor, yes SSD are fast, but trade that for reliability and time lost reformating backup images ect ect... I am already doing that enough for clientel why am i spending time on this on my home machine... Especially on supposedly reliable technology, marketed better then harddrives, i am really begging to differ.

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