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GS700 Ticking & clunking Noise


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After the lose of my old cooler master 620 w due to my Radeon 6850 short circuit ... (on a new card) after 2 hours of use...


Sent the card back to rma, and purchased a new Corsair GS700 PSU

However it had a slight ticking noise from the fan... was going to exhange it for a new one next day...


Come the next day I boot my pc up and the ticking noise turned into a quite severe clunking noise for a few hours ..... I said ok now I am taking this back tomorrow after work ...


tomorrow come and just before taking the PSU out to exhange it ... I booted up and now the PSU is humming like a charm no noise nothing and the Fan is still turning fine...


Is this normal wear in noise or something ? or should I still return the unit ?


Voltages remain similar when Idle and gaming, vCore 1.02 to 1.38 (I think the asus mobo software use a dynamic vcore setting) +3.3V is at 3.36V, +5v is at 5.08v - 5.10) and the + 12v is at 12.15 to 12.30


Thank you for any information.


P.S. My Radeon 6850 currently in RMA, I am using my old GT8800, with my current setup when my cards get back 700w should be plenty for my system no ? (for the ram in my setup I entered the piece part but it's 2x2 gb Dominator 1600mhz)

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Maybe it's possible ther was just something that was caught in the fan and worked itself loose. I've seen stranger things happen in manufacturing. In any case the voltages are completely fine and as long as it's working like it's supposed to i would just leave well enough alone. You can always RMA at a later date if the noise returns .
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