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I bought a Obsidian 700D case some 2 odd weeks ago.


Upon inspection I found some of the rails holding the drives into the drive tray had broken tabs which meant that they can't hold the drives securely in the drive tray.


I sent a tech support query (on 10/06) immediately but forgot to note the case#. I know Corsair are busy so waited but I didn't hear anything back, so a week later I submitted another query (17/06). This time I noted the case# (case# 2099467) but I still have not heard anything back (and yes I've checked my spam folders)


Just wondering if I've done something wrong procedurally? There's a big red note in the case telling me that I should direct all warranty issues to Corsair rather than the retailer. I'm in Aus but I presume this applies to all customers.


Looking forward to a reply.




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You did not provide your shipping address and phone number and I am sorry but I do not think you would get general delivery in your country with just your name. Please provide us with that information so we can process your request.
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