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The H50/H60 in the SG05/SG06


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Found a way to improve installing the H50 or H60 in the SG05 in the SG06. This one requires no zip-ties, soldering, or un-soldering. The original method is found here. Anyone else please feel free to duplicate (but at least give a little credit, k?).


Someone on some board wanted a way to do this without zip-ties, so hopefully he/she will find this. After reading that particular thread, I began looking for something to offset the mounts lower than the 2.5" HD cage. Something clicked when I found a bicycle chain, so I broke it apart, and found these nice little plates with two holes in it. Alas, affixing the H60 (which I have) to it didn't lower below the 2.5" HD cage. However, these things come in different little sizes at my hardware store for different things (I think this specific one is meant for a motorcycle). After testing different ones out, these are my findings:


[Pics will be inserted here at a later date]


One fan + radiator

Note: this is much easier to do before the installing the H50/H60 inside the SG05 or the SG06, but can still be done afterwards as well (with moderate difficulty).


Things you will need:


Screws (longer than those included with H50/H60)

Rubber spacers (optional, for vibration)

4 x Roller Chain Connecting Link #50


Break apart the roller chain connecting link (size #50), and remove the flat plate with 2 holes. Clean the oil off the plate off thoroughly. These will now be referred to as offset brackets (or mounts).


Orienting the radiator as you would if you installed it, attach two offset brackets at the BOTTOM of the radiator, facing TOWARDS the motherboard. Again, orienting the single fan as you would when installed, attach the other two offset brackets to the TOP of the fan, facing AWAY from the motherboard. As you can see, I actually used rubber screws instead of metal screws and rubber spacers.


Then mate the fan and radiator together and screw down the unused holes of the mounts from radiator to fan and fan to radiator (I know, I know - that's what she said). As you tighten those screws, push the fan downwards to ensure that the fan will later clear the 2.5" HD cage. You can see from the pics how tight my clearances were.


Now install the radiator as you normally would into your system.



If you read this far, congratulations! Here's a super-secret way to a dual-fan setup:


Dual fan + radiator


Things you will need:

Drill + drill bit


Rubber spacers (optional, for vibration)




Now my temps don't even hit 50 at load!

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